Uncertain about writing a do-it-yourself
Separation Agreement?

We’ll help you do it right!

Get a thorough Agreement completed
by a professional

Uncertain about writing a
do-it-yourself Separation Agreement?

We’ll help you do it right!

Get a thorough Agreement completed by a professional

Uncertain about writing a
do-it-yourself Separation Agreement?

We’ll help you do it right!

Get a thorough Agreement completed by a professional

Learn why more
couples are choosing
Help for Divorce.

We’ve helped over 1,500 couples,
separate amicably.

We’ve helped over 1,500 couples, separate amicably.

“This was a stress-free solution allowing us to create our own Agreement with the expertise of the professionals from Help for Divorce. Thank you so much for all your help.” Brian and Kim V. Ottawa, Ontario.

Proud to be a member of the following organizations:

“As Legal Counsel and Colleague of Bev Lewis, I wish to commend her once again for her creative, forward-thinking efforts to improve Access to Justice in assisting separating couples. As a Lawyer (1976) and fellow Mediator (1985) I can confirm that Help for Divorce fully complies with all of the applicable Professional Rules and Codes of Conduct.”

Ernest G. Tannis
B.A., J. D., C. Med. (ADRIC), Acc. FM (OAFM)-Barrister, Solicitor, Mediator, Author.

How does it work?

Step One


We Collect your Information

Complete our questionnaire and submit all necessary documentation.


We Draft Your Agreement

Once we receive your completed documents, we will draft your agreement.

Step Three


We Meet with You Online

Schedule an on-line meeting to review the information to finalize your agreement.

Our Expert Help

From the Convenience of your own home

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Why Choose Help for Divorce?

Going through a separation will most likely be the most stressful time of your life. It can be extremely overwhelming, expensive and time consuming. We know how emotionally draining it can be and we know how it can affect the whole family.

Our mission is to keep families OUT OF COURT! We have realized over the years that people are frustrated with the traditional court system, they want better alternatives to the lawyer-led, courtroom divorce.

Many couples today want to decide the terms of their separation in the comfort of their own home. They are amicable enough to discuss what is in the best interest of their family and they don’t want to take time off work to attend long, drawn out, appointments or spend thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees.

Uncertain about writing a do-it-yourself Separation Agreement?
We’ll help you do it right!
Get a thorough Agreement completed by a professional


My husband and I were quite amicable and wanted to draft our own Separation Agreement. We were a little concerned about missing important information that may have been an issue in the future. Help for Divorce helped us by taking the information we provided and creating an Agreement for us. They included information we would never have thought about including. Thanks to your team for making this an easy process and creating an Agreement for us.

Rachel D.London, Ontario

We recently applied for a divorce and the court did not approve it because we were missing information in our Agreement. The judge said our application needed to include a parenting plan. We contacted Help for Divorce and they quickly created a professional document for us to re-submit to the court. Because of the additional information they added to our agreement, our divorce was approved. Thank you, Help for Divorce for providing this service.

Jacqueline R.  Toronto, Ontario

Well the term “you don’t know what you don’t know” is certainly true. My wife and I drafted our own Separation Agreement and asked Help for Divorce for their expertise to finalize our documents. After everything was drafted, we were surprised by how much we had missed in our own Agreement. We mistakenly thought we could do it on our own. If we had not contacted Help for Divorce to assist us, it would have cost us a lot of time and trouble in the future. Thank you, Help for Divorce for all your input and for guiding us through this process.

Mark P. Sudbury, Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why should we use Help for Divorce?

Help for Divorce is a premium online service provider assisting separating couples in drafting Separation Agreements.

Help for Divorce has been in the divorce business since 2008 and helped hundreds of couples draft thorough, professional Agreements.

We work entirely online by email and video conference.  There are no office visits, you don’t need to take time off work, worry about child-care or extensive travel.

You are in control of the outcome.  Help for Divorce relies entirely on the information YOU provide to US. You simply complete the questionnaire and financial data report and send it to us to draft your Agreement. We deliver the finished product within 48 business hours of receiving your information.

What you don’t know could hurt both you and your children in the future.  Let us guide you through the process to draft a professional Agreement that will protect your best interests.

2) Who will benefit from these services?

Our services are not for everyone but if you are amicable and can discuss the terms of your separation together, this might just be the solution for you.  Our clients include separating couples (married or common-law) who:

  • agree on how to divide their assets & liabilities;
  • are in agreement to paying/receiving family support i.e. child and/or spousal support;
  • who are able to co-parent their children effectively;
  • who wish to outline the terms of their separation in a professionally drafted Agreement;
  • who require a Separation Agreement to obtain financing;
  • who wish to apply for a divorce but need an Agreement outlining the terms of their separation.
    3) What is included in Help for Divorce services?

     We draft  comprehensive Separation Agreements outlining the terms of your separation.  The package you select may include some or all of the following:

    •  Parenting Plans
    • Child Support and/or Spousal Calculations
    • Detailed Financial Reports
    • Divorce Applications
    4) What is not included in Help for Divorce services?

    Our services are not for everyone and may not be appropriate for some clients.  The following are services that are NOT provided by Help for Divorce:

    • Legal or Financial Advice
    • Negotiation/mediation
    • Business and tax valuations
    • Investigative Services for hidden assets, hidden income or self-employment income
    5) Can any separating couple use your service?

    There may be some couples who we would not consider not appropriate for our services.  Factors we may consider:

    • Volume or complexity of the facts or documents
    • Complicated property distribution
    • Communication difficulties between you and your spouse
    • Communication difficulties between you and Help for Divorce
    • Requesting something be included/excluded in your Agreement that violates the Divorce Act/Family Law Act etc.
    • An unwillingness  to provide full financial disclosure

    If we feel that we cannot continue to provide assistance for any reason, we will inform you and your Contract will be terminated.  You also have the right to terminate the contract any time without reason.

    Still Have Questions?

    We’re here to help. Call us today.

    Still Have Questions?

    We’re here to help. Call us today.


    The information included in the Separation Agreement, or other applicable documents, is purely a guide and cannot substitute for a lawyer’s skill, knowledge, and experience. These documents are simply reflective of the information received from you and are an administrative service only. Help for Divorce® does not warrant and is not liable or responsible for ensuring the validity and/or enforceability of any Agreement or clause in an Agreement and remains your full and sole responsibility.

    Full financial disclosure is a crucial element in the preparation of any Separation Agreement, as such failure to disclose full financial information may be grounds for a Court to set aside the Separation Agreement. It is also critical that you understand your rights and obligations under existing law. In many circumstances, the Agreement will be addressing complex assets and issues, such as corporations, trusts, pensions, tax implications etc. In these cases, it is imperative that the actual relevant documentation be reviewed and that the expertise of an accountant or specialist in the subject area be consulted to ensure that the Agreement properly addresses these complex assets and issues.

    It is strongly recommended that you retain Independent Legal Advice before signing any documentation arising out of the end of your marriage or common law relationship.

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